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Ana Saba from NY

Lisa Lowe from UK

Maria Cortazar from Mexico

Iben Andromeda from Dinamarca

Marcela Kiewek from Mexico

My name is Lydia Young, I came to Barcelona from California and participated at Chisato Kuroki’s 8 week intensive ceramic workshop for the last 3 months, May to July, 2023. It was a rare opportunity to travel aboard and study with a Japanese ceramicist who is inspirational in her experimental methodology and knowledgeable in her craft. Her course material was organized with flexibility to accommodate individual participants special interest. For a beginner like myself, the most rewarding knowledge I gained was a glimpse into the complex world of glazes. She also invited Dameon Lynn, a British ceramicist, as a visiting artist. His expertise on the wheel complimented Chisato’s hand building techniques and made a well balanced workshop. This is a once in a life time experience that I would recommend to ceramic enthusiasts, beginner or advanced, who is open minded and want to learn, explore and enrich their clay making experience in a city of old and new. Last but not least, Barcelona is the home of the renowned visionary architect, Antoni Gaudí, whose breath taking Sagrada Familia is a must see for all artists.
Thank you, Chisato


AUTUMN, Final Project of Lydia Young

Pink Sugar


Final exhibition of
8 weeks training 2023

8 weeks training

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